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Empowering Your Business with Sanction and PEP Screening

In an age of rapidly evolving financial regulations and the ever-present threat of financial crime, safeguarding your business and reputation is paramount. IDENTT empowers you to stay ahead of financial crime with comprehensive sanctions and Politically Exposed Person (PEP) screening solutions designed to protect your business with confidence.

Why Sanction and PEP Screening Matters:

The financial landscape is fraught with risks, from fraud and money laundering to terrorism financing. Staying compliant with Know Your Customer (KYC) norms and processes is not just a legal requirement; it’s a crucial defense against these threats. IDENTT’s advanced verification tools ensure that your business remains compliant and protected against financial crime.

Understanding PEPs - Who Are They and Why PEP Screening Is Vital:

PEPs, or Politically Exposed Persons, are individuals who have held high-level positions of power or authority in their home country. This includes heads of state, senior politicians, government officials, judicial and military figures, and senior executives of state-owned corporations. PEP screening can also encompass their family members and close associates.

While being designated as a PEP doesn’t necessarily imply criminal activity, it does indicate a higher risk of involvement in corruption and bribery due to their influential positions. Conducting enhanced due diligence on PEPs through PEP screening is crucial when engaging in business with them.

Sanctions Lists: A Vital Component of KYC Procedures and PEP Screening:

Sanctions lists, maintained by entities like the U.S. Treasury Department, comprise individuals and entities prohibited from engaging in business with specific countries or deemed supporters of terrorism. Financial institutions rely on sanctions lists for PEP screening and to screen customer transactions, ensuring compliance with international regulations.

The Role of KYC Software Solutions in PEP Screening:

To efficiently screen for PEPs and perform sanctions checks, KYC software solutions integrate comprehensive databases containing information about potential PEPs from various countries and their associates. Regular updates are vital for effective PEP screening and to reflect changes, such as newly appointed government officials or modified definitions of PEPs.

PEP Screening: A Critical KYC Measure with PEP Checks:

PEP screening, a critical KYC measure, is an integral part of the KYC process, often conducted during identity verification. Its purpose is to prevent financial crime by checking an individual or organization’s history with sanctions or money laundering regulations within their country. This includes scanning public databases, sanctions lists, and terrorist watchlists through PEP checks.

Integration into KYC Processes: Enhancing PEP Screening with PEP Checks:

Integrating PEP and sanctions checks into your KYC processes is essential to protect your business from financial and reputational risks. Identity verification providers like IDENTT play a pivotal role in this integration. IDENTT supports the verification of identity using government-issued documents such as driver’s licenses, passports, and ID cards in real-time, ensuring information security through PEP screening.

IDENTT's Cutting-Edge Solution: Leading the Way in PEP Screening and PEP Checks:

IDENTT is a leading identity verification solution provider that offers seamless PEP screening, PEP checks, and sanctions checks against a vast database of over 350 sources, including government and financial authority lists. Our continuous monitoring ensures that your compliance efforts remain up-to-date and effective, safeguarding your business from financial crime through PEP screening.


As KYC regulations continue to evolve, KYC automation becomes an integral part of business strategy. Understanding the significance of sanctions and PEP screening, along with the benefits of PEP checks, is vital for their appropriate utilization within KYC processes. IDENTT empowers your business with cutting-edge technology and expertise, providing a robust defense against financial crime and enhancing compliance through PEP screening and PEP checks. Trust IDENTT for top-notch screening services with PEP checks, and stay one step ahead in the fight against financial crime through PEP screening.

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