OCR Engine

Dedicated solution that allows you to read data from identity documents from many countries

Verification of the correctness of the information on the document, data integrity and originality of the identity documents listed in the table below to the extent described later in the document.

Reference knowledge base on documents and banknotes

When performing the verification process, the system uses a reference database containing detailed information about documents from over 200 countries around the world.

It is possible to automatically rewrite the necessary user data from documents through the OCR process and their archiving without the need for photocopying.

After analyzing the client’s document, information about the degree of credibility of a given document and the results of individual verifications is presented. The system ensures full security of customer data at every stage of operation.


Enhance banking security and efficiency with IDENTT’s identity verification solutions. Elevate trust in finance.

Finance & Insurance

Onboard more efficiently, faster, safer, and smarter with our KYC verification service designed for the finance and insurance sector


KYC in betting ensures secure, compliant gambling with verified users, promoting responsible gaming and trust. 

Public Sector

Verify identities to enhance security and compliance, fostering trust and responsible governance. 


Identity verification for secure, compliant online shopping, building trust and ensuring responsible business practices. 


Ensure a secure and regulatory-compliant crypto experience, fostering trust and responsible financial practices. 

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IDENTT provides a system equipped with algorithms supporting the identity verification process wherever identity confirmation is necessary in the customer service process.

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