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We are currently observing a process of dynamic changes in the banking sector. The market environment requires our clients to constantly adapt to changes in legal regulations, effectively use modern technologies, and ensure cybersecurity in their business processes. These phenomena are changing the current landscape of the banking sector, creating many new opportunities, while at the same time leading to the emergence of new threats. Our role is to support our customers in taking full advantage of the opportunities while reducing risk. This allows them to be one step ahead of the competition to win the battle for the end customer.


Compliance with KNF, AML, and GDPR Standards

The solution complies with the restrictive recommendations of the KNF, the AML standard and GDPR regulations

Remote customer service automation

IDENTT’s remote customer service automation streamlines operations and delivers efficient, consistent support to clients.

Increasing the security of your services

Reinforce service security with a dedicated KYC solution, ensuring enhanced protection and compliance with regulatory standards for Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.

IDENTT Video - remote contact with the customer

Empower your customer interactions with IDENTT Video, enabling secure remote connections and enhanced engagement for more personalized experiences.

The best AI-based solution on the market

Discover the pinnacle of innovation with the most advanced AI-based solution available in the market. 

Your customers have access to verification using a laptop or smartphone

Enable easy customer verification via laptop or smartphone, providing convenient access to essential services.



IDENTT Vision connects the user with the Customer. A modular system that can be tailored to measure. At a time when social distancing is crucial, IDENTT Vision allows you to verify your identity “like live.”



Conversation between the Consultant and the Client, during which it is possible to carry out an automatic check of the identity document.



IDENTT Knowledge database contains Thousands of identity documents from over 194 countries. With every document, we provide detailed information and photos documenting the available security features.

Need a custom solution? We're ready for it.

Exploring the need for a KYC solution tailored to your specific requirements? Our dedicated team is prepared to create a fully customized KYC solution that aligns seamlessly with your business needs, guaranteeing compliance and operational efficiency.

Specialists and technicians working together on IDENTT technology, showcasing expertise in secure identity verification solutions

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IDENTT provides a system equipped with algorithms supporting the identity verification process wherever identity confirmation is necessary in the customer service process.

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