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IDENTT Knowledge database contains thousands of identity documents from over 194 countries. With every document, we provide detailed information and photos documenting the available security features.

Digital knowledge base and document archive interface, featuring banknotes and ID documents identification insights.
We offer you a set of user-friendly tools designed to simplify the identity document verification process.
These tools enable you to perform two essential tasks with ease:

Checksum Calculation

Our platform equips you with a straightforward means of calculating checksums. This feature ensures the integrity of the data on identity documents, giving you confidence in their authenticity.

Data Comparison

IDENTT Knowledge facilitate the seamless comparison of data from the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) with data from the Visual Inspection Zone (VIZ). 

Is the ID card presented to you an official and valid document?

IDENTT knowledge ensures that you meet the obligation to prove the identity of your customers in accordance with the German Money Laundering Act and the documents that you have fulfilled your duty of care.

IDENTT Knowledge Banknotes

This module provides you with the critical information you need for your currency trading. Our highly trained content team monitors global banknote market news daily.

IDENTT Knowledge for Banknotes also offers a client tool designed for teams of 10 or more. This tool allows you to set custom tradability on countries, currencies, and/or denominations as well as news in real-time for your network, customized and viewable only by your account. If you wish, partner banks can also be added to your account, based on the trading availabilities of your organization.

Over 227 global currencies, authenticity features and glossary.

Banknote calendar with all relevant news of the current, past, and future months

Import and export regulations of the countries of the world

National banks regulations on exchange periods

Travel information for all countries, printable for your customers

Further information on the denominations of the various currencies

Automated data checks with Auto-Verify

Auto-Verify is a service built into IDENTT Knowledge that allows you to upload images of travel documents and have them checked automatically. You can upload PDF scans, smartphone, or webcam photos. Our software uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to extract the relevant data from the document and verifies it in a matter of seconds. This makes typing information in by hand unnecessary.

Woman scanning her face with AI-powered technology for verification, alongside a man undergoing biometric authentication

Advantages of IDENTT Knowledge

Efficient, fast, and reliable information screening

IDENTT Knowledge streamlines the process of information screening, offering an efficient, rapid, and reliable means of verifying identity documents. The use of advanced AI technology ensures swift and accurate verification, saving valuable time for your organization.

Avoidance of mispurchases

By harnessing the comprehensive identity document database in IDENTT Knowledge, you can avoid costly mispurchases and financial errors. The detailed information and security features provided for each document empower you to make informed decisions, reducing the risk of making incorrect purchases or transactions.

Weekly update emails with the latest banknote news

Stay well-informed with IDENTT Knowledge’s weekly update emails, delivering the latest banknote news directly to your inbox. This valuable feature ensures you are always up-to-date with the ever-changing landscape of identity documents and security features.

Global Coverage

IDENTT Knowledge offers an extensive knowledge database containing thousands of identity documents from over 194 countries. This global coverage ensures you have access to a wide range of documents for comprehensive identity verification.


The client tool for documents

IDENTT Knowledge comes with an available Client Tool designed for teams of 10 or more. It allows you to administer your team, change your account settings, and update critical onboarding information specific to your team.

You can create a list of countries and define which documents of those countries are accepted by your institution (whitelist). The client tool also allows you to display a list of all the changes you have made to give you a historical overview.

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