Liveness detection

Solution that assesses whether an image of a person is presented in front of the camera, and not a photo or recording


The solution provides functionality that allows you to determine whether the actual face of a person is presented in front of the camera. At the moment, the solution is based on asking the customer to perform selected gestures in a specific order (head movements in the indicated direction and blinking) and verifying the correctness of the task.

After completing the document verification process, the process of confirming the viability of the person (Liveness) takes place by recording three short videos. On the server side, a sequence of three gestures from 5 available is drawn, which the user will be asked to perform.

Available gestures:
  • Blinking of eyes

  • Looking over your left shoulder

  • Looking over your right shoulder

  • Look up

  • Look down

Available gestures:

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