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finance and insurance

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Loan companies, insurers, leasing companies and other financial market entities are particularly vulnerable to fraud and fraud. At the same time, the pressure of customers and competitors requires more and more effective action, because any delay can lead to the customer taking advantage of the offer of the competition. With this knowledge, we have found together with customers secure solutions to optimize their business processes in the field of automatic customer service.


Remote customer service automation

Remote customer service automation enhances efficiency, consistency, and customer support, all through IDENTT’s advanced solutions.

Increasing the security of your services

Improving service security is a top priority, and IDENTT offers robust solutions to enhance the safety of your services effectively.

Implementation of KYC and AML compliant solutions

IDENTT ensures the seamless implementation of KYC and AML compliant solutions, safeguarding your operations and compliance efforts.

Fraud prevention

IDENTT’s cutting-edge solutions are dedicated to preventing fraud, safeguarding your business operations effectively.

Detection of false and stolen identities

IDENTT specializes in the detection of false and stolen identities, ensuring your business remains protected from potential risks.

Efficient registration of new customers

IDENTT streamlines the registration of new customers, making the process efficient and hassle-free for both businesses and clients.

Ready to take your identity verification
to the next level?

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IDENTT provides a system equipped with algorithms supporting the identity verification process wherever identity confirmation is necessary in the customer service process.

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